A Temporary Regression In Your Life Influences Your Company’s Continuous Progression

Establishing one’s own business is a proven and well-documented challenge.  We often become hindered by every obstacle and challenge faced on the journey to success and the attainment of our set goals.  Throughout my 15 years within the retail industry, I never fathomed the problems I witnessed other entrepreneurs experience on a daily basis.  Looking onward, I perceived their struggles to be mere blunders and I in turn sought to learn from their mistakes. My desire to become self-employed and provide both necessary and cost effective services to consumers were the grounds for my company’s formation.  On paper, my ideas were splendid but putting them into action proved to be the toughest task.  For this reason, my article will illuminate the deterrents of being an entrepreneur and the ways in which you can fight through your seemingly victimizing circumstances.

The tasks that ensue becoming a business owner are extremely laborious.  Like myself, you will become a paper pusher who now has to deal with insurance forms, invoices, business proposals, receipts and possibly bank forms when applying for loans, etc.  In addition, you will also spend many nights doing tedious jobs like properly calculating prices, doing market analyses and determining how much of your goods/services should be supplied to meet the consumers’ demand.  All of this was done while I tried to balance my business life with being a parent residing in an urban setting like New York City.  Although I found it hard to muster up some courage and determination, I was persistent and I can now boastfully say that my company is thriving.

To complement the time needed, financial investment is usually the biggest challenge one encounters when striving to enhance and expedite their business’ evolution. A successful business man didactically told me to reduce expenditures in all areas of my life and to focus on my necessities if I intended to build a reputable and prolific company.  His once meaningless words began to resonate i when my first financial crisis confronted me.  Perseverance and divine intervention are the only reasons why I remained focused and did not easily veer off path.  I was fortunate enough to receive an influx of new customers, and those earnings offset my shortcomings.  Following this, I reduced my expenses within social settings, i.e. I separated my needs from my wants, wined and dined less, I made most meals at home rather than paying exorbitant prices outside and I began to save a large percentage of every paycheck.  Today, I relish in the fact that these financial constraints have discontinued and I no longer feel the ramifications of extravagant spending.  Business is booming and my sacrifices are continually paying dividends.

In short, constructing a business company takes time and patience.  Almost every area of your life will be altered in an effort to focus on the productivity and marketability of your business and its goods/services.  Experience will always provide you with lessons, and it is imperative that you incorporate background knowledge into your future planning.  This will ensure that your efforts are not futile but rather they are solely done to boost your company.  This is turn improves the life of the consumer and yourself, their supplier.