Too busy to walk your beloved dog or in need of someone to pick up your laundry and dry cleaning? We have the person to assist you with that.

Concierge Rates
Bag Handler/Carrier $15-20hr
Messenger:Document Delivery,Prescriptions,Grocery, Post Office $25-100 Flat Rate
Line Holder $30 Flat Rate
Item Return Service $15-30 Flat Rate

Dog Walking Prices
Taking the dog to the Groomers or to the vet is free with any one of these services

Dog Walking Fun Walk Park Walk
Group Walks $25 $30
Individual Walks $35 $40
Cost Saving Dog Walking Packages (Based on a 30-day month) Price Saving
Fun Walk (1 Fun Walk, Mon-Fri) $375 51%
Park Run (1 Park Run, Mon-Fri) $525 47%
Fun Walk Supreme (2 Fun Walks, Mon-Fri) $675 49%
Park Run Supreme (2 Park Runs, Mon-Fri) $1,050 47%