We have set objectives and work according to a set of common values. And even though there are several different functions the objectives and values are the same for all employees. These values are incorporated in our working lives and are the foundation on which we base the daily decision-making. The guiding light on our horizon! means that we are always looking for dynamic and competent staff.

Above all, we look for staff that is service-minded and open-minded, responsible, independent and enthusiastic in the way they work. Individuals, that identify with both our concept and corporate image.

At headquarters we focus on supporting the most optimal way. Therefore, we aim to attract employees who have the will and the competences to continuously develop the business. This is within marketing, purchasing, product development, HR, supply chain etc. We wish to create an environment where there is focus on the development of the individual so we always are one step ahead in our business.

Right now we are looking for staff send your resume to: